Our Annual Christmas Party…

Fantastic fun was had by everyone at our annual Christmas party this year. The atmosphere was filled with joy as people danced, sang, and enjoyed delicious food. Laughter and giggles could be heard throughout the event, creating a truly magical experience. The smiles on people’s faces were a testament to the success of the party and the hard work that went into organising it.

One special highlight of the party was the introduction of our new “Patron,” Diana Moran, also known as “The Green Goddess.” Diana thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and brought her own unique energy to the festivities. Her presence added an extra level of excitement and enthusiasm to the event.

We would like to extend a big “Thank you” to the amazing volunteers from The Bank Of America who generously dedicated their time to welcome our guests and serve teas and coffees. Their support and assistance were invaluable in ensuring the smooth running of the party. Additionally, we cannot forget to mention our wonderful entertainer, Becks, who delivered an outstanding performance that had the entire room rocking with excitement.

This Christmas party marked a great start to the festive period for our older generation. It provided an opportunity for them to come together, socialise, and create lasting memories. Our dedicated volunteers played a crucial role in making this event possible, and their commitment is truly commendable. Without their dedication, this celebration wouldn’t have been possible.

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